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State Convention Tours

 • State Convention

Monsanto- Huxley Learning Center

  • Offered Monday, April 10th and Tuesday, April 11th
  •  90 minute tour time with guide
  • Email to schedule your tour today at

  •   Learn about Seed Science, Precision Equipment, Data Science and much more!

Ag Leader Technology

  • Call Sam Worley to schedule your tour today at 515-735-7000
  • Learn about a range of agricultural technology ranging from guidance and steering products to yield monitors


  • Contact is Angela Miller
  • Tour Date/Times: TBD   
  • We MUST have each participant sign a waiver due to confidential information shared during the tour. (this form will be provided with final details after tour approval is complete) 
  • Tour will include Genotyping SNP Labs, Entomology, Trialing and fabrication shop 
  • We can accommodate up to 30 participants 
  • Advisors to RSVP with signed waivers for agreed upon tour date no later that TBD