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What is a Chapter Visit?
A Chapter Visit is an educational experience for your Agricultural Education students and FFA members that takes place during the regular school day, at a chapter meeting, or your chapter's banquet. It is an opportunity for several state and district officers to come to your school to host an interactive workshop for each of your agricultural education classes, or speak to your students. It can also be a viable experience for officers to meet with your school administration, chapter officers, and middle school students.

What happens during a workshop in a Chapter Visit?
The curriculum covered can be tailored to whatever the Agricultural Educator would like it to be. It can easily be formatted to include what you are learning in class during that particular time period. Topics covered in the past have included Agricultural Issues, FFA Opportunities, SAEs, CDEs, Leadership, Time-Management, and Communication.

When are visits conducted?
Chapter Visits are conducted throughout the duration of the school year. 

Our school only has Ag classes in the morning, can I still have a visit?
Chapter Visits can either be for a full day of classes or a half day of classes. It's entirely up to what works for you!

Is this new? Who has had a Chapter Visit before?
Chapter Visits are not a new thing. They have been going on for quite some time! Last year alone, our officers interacted with over 120 chapters through attending chapter activities and facilitating workshops! If you want any testimonies, feel free to get ahold of an advisor from any school that has had a visit before. We're sure they'll tell you how valuable a visit is!

What are others saying?
"The best part of the visit was how it energized our FFA Chapter. I had members that were not very active that wanted to participate in new events." ~Mr. Eric Miller, Ag Instructor & FFA Advisor at Atlantic

"Having District and State leaders visit your classroom makes your students contemplate the possibilities associated with serving as a chapter/district/state officer themselves - makes it seem more tangible. They also enjoy going to SLC and seeing state officers that they've been able to interact with personally. The connections are real!" ~Ms. Melanie Bloom, Ag Instructor & FFA Advisor at Sioux Central

"I enjoyed the excitement of the State officers to get kids involved. It showed the students that even if they aren't involved in many FFA activities, they are still valuable to the chapter and their school. I thought it was great to have the state officers meet with administration to show what FFA can do besides at the local level." ~Mr. Micah Weber, Ag Instructor & FFA Advisor at Rock Valley

If you are interested in having state or district officers attend your chapter functions, or would like to set up a chapter workshop, click here to fill out the form! 

If you have had a chapter visit from a state officer, please click here to fill out an evaluation!