State Officer Selection Process (SOSP)

Interviews for State FFA Office occur the week prior to the annual State FFA Leadership Conference at the FFA Enrichment Center. Elections and announcement of the State FFA Officers are done during the annual State FFA Leadership Conference.

Event Rules & Applications:

- State Officer Selection Process (SOSP)
- State Officer Policies (State Constitution, Article V)
- Officer Candidate Application
- Nominating Committee Application

State Officer Candidate Workshop:

- January 8, 2022 (Registration now open!)

Event Resources:

- 2021 Preparation Workbook
- 2021 SOC Workshop Notes
- 2021 Exam Resources
- 2021 Interview Schedule
- 2021 Candidate Webinar Information
- 2021 Candidate Webinar


This event is made possible with support through the Iowa FFA Foundation.

About SOSP

Nondisclosure Agreement as part of the nominating committee application should be signed and submitted with the application.

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