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Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)

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Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is an integral part of the three-component model of agricultural education. SAE is a student-led, instructor-supervised, work-based learning experience that results in measurable outcomes within a predefined, agreed upon set of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Technical Standards and Career Ready Practices aligned to your Career Plan of study. 

Start with a Foundational SAE
As part of your agriculture education class, you will develop a Foundational SAE aligned to your career interests. Every Foundational SAE will provide experiences in five components as a graded part of each of your agricultural education classes:

  • Career exploration and planning                                                             • Employability skills for college and career readiness                          • Personal financial management and planning
  • Workplace safety
  • Agricultural literacy

Your experiences in these components will help you:
  • Explore and identify your agricultural interests
  • Start to develop key employability skills
  • Expand your personal financial literacy
  • Prepare you to work safely
  • Understand more about different areas of the agricultural industry

Develop into an Immersion SAE
Over time, you will likely identify opportunities to become even more immersed in gaining skills for a career in a certain area of the agricultural industry. Immersion SAEs provide a way to build upon your Foundational SAE and gain direct experience in your selected career path that colleges and employers will value when reviewing your application for entry or employment. The outcome of this progression from a Foundational to an Immersion SAE is an authentic path to college and career readiness. There are five immersion SAE types:

Placement/Internship: In a placement SAE, you perform tasks determined by your employer which are necessary for the operation of the business. The internship SAE takes the placement SAE up a notch. Internships provide a more targeted experience that focuses on meeting your specific training goals.

Ownership/Entrepreneurship: In an ownership SAE, you create, own and operate a business which provides goods and/or services to the marketplace. You can transition your ownership SAE to an entrepreneurship SAE when you identify and account for, either financially or non-financially, all resources used in the business.

Research--Experimental, Analysis or Invention: In a research SAE, you will investigate materials, processes and information to establish new knowledge or the validation of previous research.

School-Based Enterprise: School-Based Enterprise SAEs are student-led business enterprises that provide goods or services.

Service Learning SAE: A service learning SAE is where you, or you and a small team plan, conduct and evaluate a project designed to provide a service to the school, public entities, or the community. The project must provide benefit to an organization, group or individuals other than your FFA Chapter.