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Iowa FFA Leadership Conference

The 93rd Iowa FFA Leadership Conference will take place in Ames, Iowa on April 18-20, 2021. Over 6,000 FFA members and guests from across the state gather to learn about careers in the agriculture industry, compete for scholarships, volunteer in the community and shape the future of the Iowa FFA Association. Registration for the conference is $20 for advisors and members; $5 for guests. Please check in at the south concourse entrance of Hilton Coliseum.


Ames Convention Information - Click Here!
Looking for lodging? Meal options? Then the Visit Ames site is for you! Check out all the options that Ames has to offer for convention goers! 

Keynote Speakers
The keynote speaker for the 93rd Iowa FFA Leadership Conference is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for more information!

Career Show
The Career Show, coordinated by the Iowa FFA Foundation, includes displays from colleges, agricultural businesses and various organizations. If you are an organization that is considering a display, please click here to learn more. 

FFA Supply Service
The Iowa FFA Alumni is the official host of the 'FFA Supply Service' Store. While there, you may find FFA t-shirts, hats, belt-buckles and other FFA memorabilia.

Registration - Due April 13th
Registration by FFA Chapters is completed on-line and is due one week prior to the conference. A guide to complete this process can be found under "Conference Registration" on the right-hand menu.

Pre-Registration - Due March 16th
All FFA Chapters should complete this on-line process to indicate potential participation numbers for events that take place at the conference. A guide to complete this process can be found under "Conference Registration" on the right-hand menu.

Signature Forms - Due February 16th
You will need to complete the signature forms if you are applying for:

  • Committees and Committee Chairperson
  • FFA Band, Chorus, Talent & National Anthem
  • Public Relations and Journalism Awards
  • Rising Star Award (one per chapter)
  • State Officer Candidate
  • State Nominating Committee (one per chapter)

Thank You to our Sponsors!

The Iowa FFA Leadership Conference is made possible with support from our the following organizations through the Iowa FFA Foundation.

The 92nd Iowa FFA Leadership Conference is presented by Iowa Farm Bureau Federation through the Iowa FFA Foundation.

Watch Live
 • Live Stream through YouTube (Web)
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Convention Schedule
 • App Link (Web) 2020 Link Forth Coming

onference Registration
 • Consent/Waiver Form (PDF)
 • Pre-Registration Guide (PDF)
 • Registration Guide DMRoster (PDF)
 • Registration Guide DMChapters (PDF)

 • 2020 Signature Forms (PDF)
 • 2020 Rising Star Award (Web)
 • 2020 State Officer Candidate (Web)
 • 2020 State Nominating Committee (Web)
 • 2020 Iowa Council on Ag Ed Awards (Web)
 • 2020 Courtesy Corps (Word)
 • 2020 Courtesy Corps (PDF)
 • 2020 Massing of the Flags (Google)

 • 2019 General Schedule (PDF)
 • 2019 Hilton Floor Plan (PDF)
 • 2019 Delegate Floor Plan (PDF)
 • 2019 Session Agendas (PDF)
 • 2019 CDE Schedule (PDF)
 • 2019 CDE Holding Area/Reminders (PDF)
 • 2019 Band & Choir Schedule (PDF)
 • 2019 Courtesy Corps Schedule (PDF)
 • 2019 Talent Show (PDF)

 • 2020 Draft Master Schedule (Excel)
 • 2020 Draft Master Schedule (PDF)

 • 2020 Draft Session Schedule (Excel)
 • 2020 Draft Session Schedule (PDF)
 • 2019 Team Ag Sales CDE Schedule (PDF)
 • 2019 Poultry CDE Schedule (PDF)

 • 2020 National Chapter Award (PDF)
 • 2020 Stars Over Iowa (PDF)
 • 2019 Agriscience Fair (PDF)
 • 2019 Iowa Council on Ag Ed Awards (PDF)
 • 2020 Rising Star Finalists (PDF)
 • 2020 Alumni WLC Schol. Recipients (PDF)
 • 2020 IFT Journalism Award (PDF)                • 2020 GROWMARK Essay (PDF)
 • 2020 WHO Public Relations Award (PDF)
 • 2020 State FFA Band (PDF)
 • 2020 State FFA Choir (PDF)
 • 2020 State FFA Choir Music (Web)
 • 2019 State FFA Talent (PDF)
 • 2020 State FFA Committees (PDF)

For Members
 • 2019 General Information (PDF)
 • 2019 Keynotes & Special Presenters (PDF)
 • 2019 Workshop Information (PDF)
 • 2019 Courtesy Corps Handbook (PDF)
 • 2019 Food Bank Service Project (PDF)

Tour Information
 • 2019 Tours Website (Web)